Residential Addiction Treatment

GreeneStone provides expert care in the treatment and recovery of those with substance abuse issues. We offer a comfortable and private environment where executives and professionals are able to find the individualized care that they need.

Our Location

GreeneStone is a private residential addiction treatment facility. The facility is nestled in Bala, Ontario just two hours north of Toronto. Residents have come to GreeneStone from across Canada. GreeneStone is known for its best in class holistic treatment approach and its tranquil setting. Although, the typical length program is 45 days residents have stayed at the facility for up to 12 months because of its healing community.

Once residents have completed their treatment program at GreeneStone they become Alumni members. Alumni members who are active in their continuing care continue to make healthy lifestyle changes and continue to transform their lives. Alumni members participate in Alumni and recovery events and become mentors and supports to those who struggle with their recovery. Alumni members become role models for those in the recovery community.

Located in a resort setting in scenic Muskoka, Ontario and equipped with holistic spa services, delicious, nutritious and seasonal menus offered through our Lodge Restaurant, and a full suite of fitness and recreation facilities, is a place where you can heal, rest and recover while under the care of a multidisciplinary team of skilled and experienced professionals. Our physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, nurses, nutritionists and physical fitness experts work collaboratively to produce the best treatment outcomes for you.

"Our mission is to care for individuals in a dignified, respectful manner while offering expert, evidence-based, holistic care. We strive to lessen the suffering for those individuals as soon as possible and provide comfort for their loved ones who struggle to deal with their addiction. We are able to do this because we combine a quiet and comfortable living environment with a staff of exceptionally well-qualified professionals."

Why GreeneStone Muskoka's In-Patient Addictions Program Stands Apart

  • Interventions can be coordinated through our intake department for families that require support prior to admission.
  • Integrated service mission that is dedicated to treat the resident as a whole being and believes in recovery not just treatment of an addiction.
  • Upon admission, all residents are fully assessed by professionals of the multidisciplinary team to develop an overall holistic treatment plan.
  • Our team of best in class experts (psychiatrist/physicians, nurses and clinicians) is equipped to effectively manage and support residents who have co-occurring disorders such as: depression, anxiety and trauma along with their addictions whether they are psychiatric or medical in nature.
  • Families and others that are integral to the residents’ recovery are encouraged to participate in counseling and education sessions for continued success post in-patient treatment.
  • Treatment approaches, programs, and techniques are provided that are unique to the resident’s needs, which are supported by evidence-based scientific literature.
  • GreeneStone is a unique facility that is nestled on 43 acres north of Toronto near Bala in Muskoka. The setting is inviting and non- institutionalized for one’s healing and recovery process.
  • Follow-up treatment support to ensure progress and minimize the incidence of relapse.


  1. We value a client centered approach, embracing diversity, honoring privacy, and people’s need for autonomy and independence
  2. We value a respectful and non-judgmental attitude to people and to addictions
  3. We value treatment that is in accord with a person’s personal beliefs recognizing that bolstering hope, courage and trust are integral factors in recovery
  4. We value excellence in care based on evidence based treatments
  5. We value a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team approach that is practical and results oriented
  6. We value a seamless full continuum of care including interventions, in-house medical stabilizing unit, treatment for co-occurring disorders and aftercare support
  7. We value inclusion of the person’s primary supports including family, friends or others who are the individual’s core team support