Our Program

GreeneStone Private Residential Treatment Program is for individuals who struggle with addiction and mental health and who are ready to take the necessary steps towards MAKING A CHANGE.

GreeneStone is the treatment facility for individuals who seek privacy and comfort in a beautiful setting just north of Toronto.

Our mission is to care for individuals in a dignified, respectful manner while offering expert, evidence-based, holistic care.

“In 2016 – 94% of residents admitted to GreeneStone successfully completed the program”

Individualized Treatment

The length of stay may vary depending on the unique needs of individuals and their response to treatment. GreeneStone’s typical length stay is 45 days, but residents may stay longer if clinically recommended. Initially all residents enter our stabilization unit where individuals will have their own private room and bath. GreeneStone also provides a second stage option for those who have completed the program, but wish to stay in a safe community with the support of staff and the residential community. At GreeneStone programming can be customized when residents are not able to meet the demands of the regular set program schedule. GreeneStone’s experienced staff recognize that everyone is unique and will work at their own pace on the journey of recovery.

Residents are treated holistically and encouraged to explore the areas of spirituality, diet, sleep, exercise, relationships, thinking patterns and emotions.

Professional Resources

View publications and research related to addiction in this section.


"Helping Residents Who Drink Too Much," A Clinician’s Guide - View PDF