Our Program

GreeneStone offers a variety of studies & research, assessment & screening tools, and an array of other resources for healthcare professionals.

Individualized Treatment

GreeneStone program provides a truly individualized treatment approach to recovery. We assist residents and their families to return to a healthy, happy, lifestyle. Our programs vary in length from 45-90 days, depending on the unique needs of our residents and their response to treatment. Time in the stabilizing unit may be needed, or the resident may have a co-occurring psychiatric disorder that may need to be stabilized and these may increase the length of time required.

Our residents are treated holistically; we look at the whole person and help them learn a new way of life. We provide healthy meals, stabilization from all addictive substances, encourage exercise, and encourage the exploration of new coping skills to assist in their recovery efforts.

Professional Resources

View publications and research related to addiction in this section.


"Helping Residents Who Drink Too Much," A Clinician’s Guide - View PDF