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Corporate Addiction Support Services

Prodigal Community Services, a subsidiary of GreeneStone Healthcare Corporation, offers a customized substance abuse program for organizations that are experiencing drug and alcohol related situations with their employees.

Corporate Addiction Support Services

Our program has five main components including program development, training of peer counsellors, case management and intervention, aftercare and consultation.

Program development

Program development is the creation of the infrastructure within an organization which will support the substance abuse program. The starting point in our program development is the review and revision of the existing drug and alcohol policy or the creation and implementation of a policy where there is no preexisting one in place. Given that workplace peers are generally accessible and available the peer group in many ways is the first line of defense against a relapse.

Peer Counsellor Training Program

The training of peer counsellors is the foundation of the entire program. Repeated research has demonstrated that one of the most crucial determining factors for successful recovery plus prompt return to effective function socially and occupationally is frequent human contact with knowledgeable compassionate human beings.

Individual Case Management

The case management component of the program consists of the three following elements: a primary substance abuse assessment; treatment referrals and counselling; and follow-up through a structured after-care program.

Aftercare Program

The structured aftercare program will evaluate and track each client that has finished a treatment experience. The length of the aftercare is typically 2 years. When appropriate, a blood and urine monitoring system is established to validate the absence of drugs and alcohol in the clients’ blood stream.

Consultation/Additional Services

We offer consultation to HR and other organizational leaders who face specific challenges surrounding employee performance or workplace behavior specific to substance use or abuse. These consultations provide guidance, feedback and recommendations to the HR executive or sponsor on best practice approaches to managing addiction related issues. Drivers who have lost their license due to a medical suspension from the Ministry of Transportation can have an addiction specific medical assessment to evaluate the driver’s medical ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Here at GreeneStone we offer a 45 day residential treatment program which includes medical stabilization which also provides addiction outpatient and intervention services. For more information on these services please contact us at

Dr. William R. Jacyk MD., FRCPC is a specialist in Internal Medicine and has specialized in Addiction Medicine for the past thirty years.

Call 1-844-955-5501 to inquire about the above services.

Speak with one of our addictions experts to see what is program or service is right for your organization. All calls are confidential with no obligation. We respect your inquiries and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you are an individual looking for addiction treatment services you may call the same number at 1-844-955-5501.